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Our Puppies


I do a lot of planning for our breedings and usually only do one to two per year. I breed for structure, health, and temperament.

Health Testing

I make sure my girls are clear of all the genetic diseases that can be tested for in Border Collies.


They are tested and cleared for the following:


  • CEA; TNS; CL; and MDR-1 (plus, many other genetic tests as well)

  • Hips X-rayed with OFA - they must score at least a good to be a part of our breeding program

  • Hearing checked too (BAER tested)


I do BAER testing (hearing); de-worming; microchipping; first set of shots and first vet visit; plus I send them home with their first dose of flea and tick, I try my hardest to expose them to lots of different stimuli during the 8-12 weeks they are with me (I raise them on a program called puppy culture), we work on crate training, car rides, and basic potty training too.

Puppy Culture

I want my puppy people to get the best puppy they possibly that can do what they were bred for, but mostly, one they can live with. For this reason, we start each puppy on a program called Puppy Culture. They all do what is called Early Neurological Stimulation from Day 3-16. This program teaches things like learning to sit, stimulation training, textures, toys, obstacles, problem solving, and more. Go to their website to find out more about Puppy Culture.

Our Litters

Our Litters

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