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My name is Donna and I live on the Central Coast of California. I have always had a passion about animals and their well being since I was small child.


We have four Border Collies: Rascal (neutered male), Cali, Sophia and Joyjoy. I show my dogs in the conformation ring, do herding, rally obedience, obedience, agility, and nose work.


We are not a huge kennel. I am very passionate about the breed and helping others understand the breed better. 

I'm not the type of breeder that will just sell you a dog and you never hear from them again...you are taking a member of our family, so, you will hear from me and I will always be here for any questions you may have (even if you choose not to get one of our pups, I'm always available for help and questions) :)

Embrace Border Collies a member of the BCSA (Border Collie Society of America) and the BCCGLA (Border Collies Club of Greater Los Angeles) and is in good standing with AKC and the above listed clubs.

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