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About Us

My name is Donna and I live on the Central Coast of California. I have always had a passion about animals and their well being since I was small child.


We have four Border Collies: Rascal (neutered male), Cali, Sophia and Joyjoy. I show my dogs in the conformation ring, do herding, rally obedience, obedience, agility, and nose work.


We are not a huge kennel. I am very passionate about the breed and helping others understand the breed better. 

I'm not the type of breeder that will just sell you a dog and you never hear from them are taking a member of our family, so, you will hear from me and I will always be here for any questions you may have (even if you choose not to get one of our pups, I'm always available for help and questions) :)

Embrace Border Collies
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